SISAC is a web-based tool developed by Argongra and Geostock to visualize, analyze and day-to-day management of UGS operations.

This system provides to UGS facilities the following advantages

1.      Knowing in real time the status of the reservoir in the following aspects.

a.      Detect any abnormal change of pressure in the range (less than 0.05 bars).

b.      Knowing the position of the gas- oil, and any variation thereof.

c.       Show the evolution of the pressure of any of the existing sensor. It can be selected the sensor, date interval, the scale of data and if the data is absolute or relative to a pressure or other sensor.

d.      Show the evolution of flow-rates input or output, per well or total.

e.      View on the pressure curve earthquakes detected (Related by date/time).

f.        See the evolution of the Gas-Oil and Water-Oil interfaces

All this processes can be done at any time and from any point in history of the UGS.

2.      Relate the pressure data with the reservoir, the interface mapping (from a depth of the interface to a map), earthquakes position (if they can reach a minimum quality positioning, etc.).

3.      Being able to access information from this system to other sources of information such as surveys, tides, earthquakes, etc.